Toge-chan (togechan) wrote in chaakeeouyo,

SC 2008.11.02

Here are the mp3 rips for SC 2008.11.02. Please comment if taking.

DANCE  Medley - Jrs.School Kakumei - B.I.SHadow & Yabu
Battle & Grateful World - Nakata Daichi, Hamada Takahiro, Senga Kento, Tsukada Ryoichi & Yamamoto RyoutaSpecial Stage - Kisumai, ABCZ
Give Me - Hamada, Nakata
Real DX - Kisumai, ABCZ

Tags: a.b.c.-z, b.i.shadow, hamada takahiro, hashimoto ryosuke, johnny's jr, kis-my-ft2, nakata daichi, senga kento, tsukada ryoichi, yabu kota, yamamoto ryota, yamashita shoon

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