Not a Shokura rips update. D:

I've been busy as hell lately (it's paying off, though :D?) and haven't even watched the last shokura, I decided there's no point in me making you guys wait for my rips. I might go back and do them in vacation. But there's no way I can do them with school, unless I don't have a lot of stuff to do. Besides, there's already other users doing the rips, so there's no point of me ripping what was ripped already when I don't have a lot of spare time. Maybe, MAYBE. I can pick up in april (spring break! yay) and leave a request post for the shokuras I couldn't rip (seriously, it gets annoying to have ten versions of OH! MY DREAM! after a while) and I'll rip whenever I have time. Idk.Hope you guys can understand. It's not like many of you care, after all, no more than 20 users comment.

Well, here's a bump of a bunch of songs I uploaded for requests @jpop_uploads and maybe some others uploaded by yangkuang . Comment when taking, please.

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SC 2008.11.02


SC 2008.10.12

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! :D I'm sorry, but I haven't been in ripping mode at all lately and yangkuang stopped watching Shokura because she says japanese is killing her brain so I'm on my own now but I kind of felt like it today? XD Comments are love. ♥♥♥ It takes ages for me to rip, SO PLEASE, comment!

This is the list I make for myself and then I usually type romaji here, but I'm kind of busy right now. Don't worry, the file names are still in romaji, so it's okay? Click for folder!

テーマ 「秘密」
―I・ZA・NAI・ZU・KI -藤ヶ谷太輔・北山宏光
―欲望のラインー 山下翔央
―Secret Code - 戸塚祥太・真田佑馬・野澤祐樹
―仮面―Jr. BOY・千賀健永
夏の場所 - 田口淳之介
Smile -Kis-my-ft2
Round and round - US5
明日の為に僕がいる - A.B.C-Z
OH! My Dream - ジャニーズJr.

SC 2008.10.05 // omfg i'm actually updating wut

Hello, people. Sorry for taking so long. School was taking up all my fandom time. ): I meant to update earlier but Mediafire was being a bitch on me... well, not MF but Firefox, since I'm uploading with IE after I gave up on FF.

Anyways! Here are the rips for October 5th.

Still upping .zip.
Download .zip!

Kotoba yori taisetsuna mono - Jrs.
Taisetsu medley - Jrs.
Akagore no egoist - Hikaru with intro // without intro
Grateful World - Butoukan
My Everything・Angel Come To Me - YabuSmile - Kisumai
One Love - Jrs.

SC 2008.09.14

I apologize. I'm so busy lately. I hardly have time for fandom now. D:

Download z.ip! - Click!

Koi medley - Johnny's Jr. - MF

Spicey - Hey! Say! BEST - MF

INTO MINE - Hasshi, Nozawa, Sanada - MF

Now and forever - Butoukan - MF

Beautiful Mind - Question? - MF

Kaizoku - Kis-my-ft2 -MF

Your seed · Bouken Rider - Hey! Say! BEST & Jrs. - MF


SC 2008.09.07 - I LIVE.

So here's 2008.09.07. I'm sorry the rips are extremely late. I've been really busy. D:  .zip should be uploaded tomorrow. Or whenever I have time again. D: PLEASE COMMENT. I spent my free afternoon yesterday doing the rips, instead catching up with dramas and variety shows I haven't watched for months. SO PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE COMMENT.

Download .zip!
WA ni natte odorou - Jrs.
Nakama Medley - Takaki, BAD, Jrs
Oretachi no seishun & shitabata junjou- Takaki, BADShounentai medley - Jrs
Higher! Fly! - ABC & Shoon
Aishiteru - BAD
Mugendai - Jrs.

I'll try to have the other shokura I'm missing ripped before the October ones. I'll try.


Another small update.

If taking and/or sharing my links elsewhere, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE comment. The lack of comments make me sad. ):

Again. Tags are in kanji. I had trouble uploading Keep the faith and the KT medley, Mediafire kept timing out on me, BUT ithey're on the .zip and I'll add tomorrow. Upped now!

SC 2008.08.10:
Download .zip!
Bouken Rider - Yamada, Chinen, Yuto, Daiki ~ MF
KAT-TUN medley ~ MFNamida-kun sayonara x MACK THE KNIFE · SOS - Yuto, Daiki, Chinen, Yamada ~ MFChikai no Sora - Yabu, Kosaka ~ MF
Seishun Amigo - Arioka Daiki ~ MF
Yume monogatari - Tsubasa ~ MF
Koi Uta - Tsubasa, Shige, Kei, Yabu, Daiki, Jrs. ~ with talk ~ without talk

I'm currently half way done with 2008.09.07.

SC 2008.08.03

I'm sorry the rips are late. I've been really busy with school. I'll try to post 2008.08.10 this week.

NOTES: 1. Tags are in kana/kanji.
                2. DO ME CRAZY is not included in the .zip. Sorry. ):

.zip (everything minus DO ME CRAZY) ~ MF
Venus - Tsubasa & Juniors. ~ MF
VACATION & NEWS medely - Tsubasa, Koyama, Shige & Juniors. ~ MFNEWS Medley - Shige, Kei, Jrs. ~ MFYour Seed - Daiki, Chinen, Yuto ~ MF
Parallel World - Question? ~ MF
DO ME CRAZY - Tsubasa ~ MF
Asia no yoru - Yamada ~ MF
Nami - Kei, Shige, Jrs. ~ MF